Health Benefits – Infrared Saunas

detoxificationDETOXIFICATION :

Sweating up your body is one of the natural and safe way to heal. Infrared Saunas by Hydrospafitness are designed for the best detoxifying sweat. The most number or diseases are caused by building-up of toxic substances in our body. And making your body sweat using our Infrared Saunas can can help preventing illness and also increase many health vitals. Also using our Sunas work upto 5 times more effective than any other traditional one.


relaxationRELAXATION :

Hydrospa’s Infrared Saunas give you a lifetime benefit of relaxation and stress-reduction. Few hormones produced by the body-increases with stress, raising heart rate & blood pressure which results in deposition of excess calories in the midsection of our body. Evidences show that infrared sauna therapy helps body in maintain healthy levels of these hormones. So by the use of exclusive Saunas from Hydrospafitness, you can add up the time of relaxation from your day’s busy routine.


sauna weight lossWEIGHT LOSS :

Want to lose weight? Hydrospafitness Saunas can help you out for sure. You can burn out most of your calories just by relaxing in comfort using our saunas. And if you maintain a better weight, you promise yourself for a better and healthier life. Over Infrared heat’s ability to help burn calories, Hydrospafitness’s saunas have been well tested to be effective for weight loss. Also, infrared sauna sessions can burn more than 600 calories. As the body works to cool itself in our infrared saunas, and so there is a sudden change and increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate, due to which body burns more calories.


PAIN RELIEF :sauan pain relief

Hydrospafitness sauna’s can also prove to be the best saunas for pain relief, in fact lots of people buy our sauna’s for this purpose, and we have always got good positive feedback from our customers. Our saunas work by works by penetrating joints and muscles. It increases blood circulation and flow of oxygen in body. Our saunas give relief from all kinds of inuries including sports injury, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis and some other chronic pains. A study in NASA over infrared heat has determined that LED technology allows deep penetration of tissue and helps increasing cell growth from inside. So don’t wait anymore and grab your sauna today for taking up all these benefits.