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Infrared Sauna Bath Massage Equipment

Infrared light, as radiated by the Sun, lies between the Visible and Microwave sectors of the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum includes Gamma Rays, X-rays, Ultraviolet, Visible, Infrared, Microwaves and Radio Waves. The earth’s atmosphere allows Infrared rays in the 6 to 14 micron level to safely reach its surface.
The Infrared electromagnetic spectrum is divided into three distinct segments based on wavelength and is measured in microns. Near Infrared, 0.75 to 1.5 microns, is that area of the spectrum that is closest in wavelength to Visible light. Medium Infrared, 1.5 to 4 microns, is that area of the spectrum between Near Infrared and FAR Infrared. FAR Infrared (FIR), 4 to 1000 microns is that area that is closest to the Microwave area of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Infrared is all around us. Even the human body radiates infrared through the skin at 2 to 50 microns, with most of this output being at the 9.4-micron level. The 9.4 average micron level output of the human body works hand in hand with FAR Infrared heat or energy.
As the human body absorbs infrared heat a natural resonance occurs that causes a warming effect. It is this action that stimulates the body’s blood vessels, thereby increasing circulation by decreasing pressure within the heart. As circulation increases the body will perspire, allowing certain toxic waste to be purged from the body. This action reduces the workload of the kidneys, liver and pancreas as well as other organs within the body.
To gain maximum efficiency as a sauna, the Light of Life utilizes both the Medium and the FAR Infrared Wavelengths. From the Medium Infrared Wavelength, 4 to 5.6 microns are utilized to cause deep heat penetration. The balance of the required heat energy is gained from the Far Infrared Wavelength, 5.6 to 14 microns, with primary output spread evenly around the peak human output level of 9.4 microns. This allows for the higher heat penetration ability of the Intermediate / Medium Wavelength and the resonant absorption amplification of healthy tissue by the longer wave Far Infrared Band.
Scientific research has shown that Qi-Gong Therapy, as practiced in China, utilizes a form of Infrared therapy.
Qi-Gong allows for the exchange and boost of the human energy level via special treatments based on the body being composed of water and minerals that emit Infrared at a wavelength between 6 and 14 microns.


Hydro Spa Fitness Sauna Comparison with Competitors

Factor Hydro Spa Fitness Sauna Regular Sauna
Heating Source Patented Ultra thin, light weight, even with large Surface Hydro spa fitness Sauna Carbon Heater Electrical heating by duplicate carbon heaters or ceramic tubes
Heating element Lifetime Heating board
50 years and up
Easily damaged, limited lifetime use(not fit for heavy use)
Heating Wave length Far Infrared, the Light of Life, 6 to 14um Hot air, Near Infrared
Heating size Ultra thin(does not take up a lot of space in the sauna) Thickness is about 5 to 10cm which takes up a lot of space in the sauna
Heating source surface temperature 75°C and below Between 130°C and 600°C
Safety Lower temperature on heating surface, does not cause burning High surface temperature, easy to get burned
Temperature distribution Temperature is well distributed over a large area Easy to gain higher temperatures in some areas of the sauna
Highest power consumption 1600W One person for 1600 to 1800W
Pre - heat Time About 10 to 20 minutes About 30 to 90 minutes
Allows Outside air to flow Allows Does not allow
After using the sauna Warm and comfortable Hot and stuffy feeling
Usage time Warm and comfortable, can be used for longer time periods Hot and stuffy air, not recommended for long use
Assembly Easy self assembly by 2 people Easy self assembly
Assembly time 10 minutes Undetermined
Appearance National standard FAS approval for highest quality hardwood Undetermined
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